Conference on Scholarly Teaching

Conference on Scholarly Teaching Information Sheet 

Conference Program 2016


The Conference on Scholarly Teaching is a free interdisciplinary conference that focuses on general pedagogy and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. It grew out of the Center for Teaching and Learning’s Graduate Pedagogy Conference and was offered sporadically until 2010, when it became an annual event. In 2012, Bill Nichols took over the conference through what was then the Center for Instructional Innovation and began inviting graduate students from around the state to participate and attend.  During the 2014 year, Jennifer Hall began running the conference, then known at the CII Pedagogy Conference, and the CII worked with the Exchange to introduce a greater focus on technology and to recruit faculty members. In 2015, the Conference became part of the Center for Instructional Effectiveness, and the name changed to the Conference on Scholarly Teaching.  In 2016, the CIE reached out to GSU Perimeter College and have had widespread involvement from that community.    


The Conference on Scholarly Teaching aims to provide a space for Faculty members, Part-time Instructors, Graduate Teaching Assistants, and Graduate Lab Assistants to present their work in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.   The conference is open to all schools in the USG.  

While the conference has grown to encourage faculty involvement, graduate student participation is actively sought and proposals are reviewed blindly, with no preference given to participants based on rank.

 Attendance and participation information from 2015:

  • 200 registrants (registration capped at 200) 
  • 151 attendees signed in  
  • 47 presenters (7 faculty members, 40 graduate students) 
  • 6 presenters were guests and 8 guests registered 

 Attendance and participation numbers as of January 28, 2016:

  • 40 proposals for panels, one-hour presentations, fifteen-minute presentations and poster presentations are currently under review. 
  • 12 Faculty Proposals, 21 Graduate Student Proposals 
  • 102 registrants, 17 guests 
  • Registration Deadline is April 1.