Sample Student Comments

Below are sample comments from students:

2016 Students

“Dr. Hall was an amazing professor. Her class got me back into reading again, which is a goal I’ve had for a while, but never got back into the routine of doing. She makes you think differently about the subject matter you’ve read, and was great at relating the book’s subject matter to our own personal lives. I would definitely recommend her class.

“Dr. Hall is fantastic, I love her passion for Literature and I admire her desire to hear from people studying different kinds of majors outside of English. She promotes creativity and the way she built this hybrid class was impeccable. I hope to take one of her classes again!”

“Great professor! I really enjoyed every moment of her class and feel I am walking away with a much better understanding of not just British Literature, but Literary studies as a whole. I highly recommend this professor!”

2015 Students

“Dr. Hall is incredibly approachable and understanding. She really roots for her students and their successes. I would easily sign up for any class, if she’s teaching it.”

“The professor clearly has a huge love for the subject and for teaching. Every class period was made interesting and fun, and I always felt like I had learned something of value after leaving the class. The assignments given were very doable and also helped a lot in the learning of the material. I love how we’re not expected to just consistently shell out papers.”

“Dr. Hall¬†inspired me to learn more and to exceed in a subject I tend to struggle with. She was very informative and gave me many things to think about regarding class content. I was very glad to have her as a teacher.”