Short Project Rubric









3 points


2 points


1 point


0 points

Score and Feedback

Connection to text: The short assignment is clearly connected to the text we read in this section

A clear connection to the text is present in the short assignment.

A connection is somewhat apparent, but not always clear.

No connection is made between the assignment and the reading.


Addition of knowledge: The short assignment provides additional information for the class to consider.

The assignment provides additional information for us to consider and adds value to the discussion.

The assignment is based largely off what we have already discussed in class or in the postings, but still provides some additional information.

The assignment provides no new information beyond what we’ve covered in class.


Explanation: The significance of the information provided is explained clearly.

The assignment provides a clear explanation for the significance of the information provided.

The assignment provides some explanation for the significance, but it is unclear, too brief, and/or difficult to follow.

There is no explanation associated with this assignment.


Source Identification: Any outside sources are clearly identified in the response, even if paraphrased and not quoted directly

Sources are always identified

Sources are sometimes identified

Source not clearly identified.


Overall Score


11 or more


7 or more


3 or more


0 or more

Score and Feedback


Assisnments receiveing the score of satisfactory will score a 3 on all or almost all of the assignments. 

This assignment scored 2 or more on all or almost all of the criterea.  It is emerging.  

This assignment is complete but unsatisfactory in all or almost all criteria. 

This assignment was incomplete.  

Overall score will be calculated when all criteria have been assessed.