Teaching Portfolio 2016



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The information here represents work done in 2015.  Because I work for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, I only have the opportunity to teach two courses per year in my discipline.  Each course offers the opportunity for research, and in each class, I work to ensure that I learn as much from my students as they learn from me. In 2015, my assignments stayed stable for spring and fall semesters, but I adapted my rubrics to more adequately measure progress. I also realized that the student examples I had to share with the class were not adequately representing the best possible productions, so I updated the samples that I share.

In 2016, I plan to continue to modify my rubrics, particularly my short project rubric, which I don’t think is nuanced enough.  I designed the short project rubric to be flexible enough to accommodate a variety of assignment types, and as a result the information I get from it is very generic and doesn’t help track error types or give me any information about which assignment types are most difficult for the students to complete.  I want to continue to use one rubric for all of the short projects, but I’m going to add a point that will help me differentiate between assignment types so that when I’m looking at the information later in the semester, I can track trends by specific assignment type.